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Sharing the love of travelling, eating, drinking wine, shopping, while exploring Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast

Taste Wine From 500 Year Old Vines: I had one of the best experiences of the trip while on our wine tasting excursion. The Tenuta San Francesco Vineyard is a must see! This family run vineyard is home to grapevines that are 500 years old, and the family is so warm and inviting. They only hosts small groups so you will either be on your own or with 2-3 other couples and you will enjoy lots of personal time with the wine-maker. After a tour of the vineyard and the cellars, everyone will sit down to a homemade meal – great wine, great food, great company… what more can you ask for?

Many people don't know that Mozzarella cheese is usually made from water buffalo milk. Mozzarella from water buffallo, Buffalo milk has lower cholesterol but more calories and fat compared with cow's milk. Buffalo milk is consumed in south Italy, with Caserta and Salento and Cilento being the biggest producers.

or Mozzarella di Bufala is considered to be higher quality and better tasting than Mozzarella made from cow milk. Cow milk differs from buffalo milk in richness and composition.

With so many great chefs, restaurants, and cooking schools here, it's no wonder that Naples has so many one-of-a-kinds

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Neapolitan cooking school designed to beguiners of food and wine region, complete educational stages and cucina Italiana.

Wine tasting

Wine is unquestionably one of the most typical of products "made in Italy" and of such high quality and fineness as to be known, appreciated and exported all over the world.

Olive oil

There is a wide range of flavors found in extra virgin olive oils.

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