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Naples Transfers

Sharing the love of travelling, eating, drinking wine, shopping, while exploring Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.
Come enjoy the finest wine and food in gorgeous Naples! Naples is a outstanding destination for comfort food and wine tasting, and this tour shows you the best of both worlds. Stroll along Roman-era Italian brick and stone buildings where talented chefs and vintners now produce their mouth-watering dishes and award-winning vintages.
Our 8 hours tour includes stops at the best restaurants and shops. You’ll eat unique dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced produce & taste fabulous, locally-made wines. Great shopping excursion with a personal Local Roots Food Tours market bag to fill up with all the yummy goodies and wines along the tour route. Public tours are offered every day with private group tours scheduled throughout the week upon request. As part of our “foodie family”, you’ll get up close with chefs, artisans, owners, and winemakers of this quaint town. Hear about the unique terroir and climate that puts Naples wines in a class all by themselves, and connect with the artisans as you taste their unique creations. The shopping opportunities are boundless in this wonderful boutique town.

Positano, Ravello and Massa Lubrense restaurants

Neapolitan cuisine is incredibly rich in variety, from the flavors seen in the gastronomy of Amalfi coast and Sorrento, seafood risotto dishes of the Mediterranean Sea. In Italy we have got to be the people to have brought their phenomenal cuisine and wines to the highest amount of locations across the planet. You can find "Trattorias", "Osterias", "Enotecas" (Wine Bars) and "Pizzerias" everywhere from New York to Shanghay. Prosciutto, Parma Ham, Balsamic Vinegar, Funghi Porcini, Parmiggiano, Provolone, Mascarpone, and Tiramisu are all uniquely Italian. Chianti wine, Barolo, Prosecco, Frascati, Limoncell and Marsala, as well. Lest us not forget the endless shapes, colors and flavors of pasta, from tagliolini to pappardelle, ravioli to bucatini. The gastronomic diversity is fabulous, varying from rich tomato and seafood based dishes from Capri to spicy ham dishes from Calabria to heavy cheese Risotto (rice) dishes from Trentino and the Alps. Classic Italian dishes are known virtually everywhere, including Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognese, Ossobucco and Ravioli Caprese style and Sorrentine . What foreigners see as "Italian food", to Italians is much more decentralized. Italy is a beautiful, diverse country with incredibly rich and varying gastronomic orientations. Southern Italy and Sicily use the spicy Peperoncino and Campania favors Rosemary. Here is a short introduction to a few classic Italian regions famous worldwide for their gastronomy.
Taste wine from 500 Year Old Vines: I had one of the best experiences of the trip while on our wine tasting excursion. The Tenuta San Francesco Vineyard is a must see! This family run vineyard is home to grapevines that are 500 years old, and the family is so warm and inviting. They only hosts small groups so you will either be on your own or with 2-3 other couples and you will enjoy lots of personal time with the wine-maker. After a tour of the vineyard and the cellars, everyone will sit down to a homemade meal – great wine, great food, great company… what more can you ask for?